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Postponed & Abandoned  ...

1994-95 to Present


CRAWLEY TOWN (Springheath Print Capital League)

5 December 1994

Town Mead - Rained off

Rearranged 28 April 1996



HEART of MIDLOTHIAN (First XI - Mick Dunne Benefit)

14 December 1994

Victoria Road, Dagenham FC - Abandoned at half-time floodlight failure

Not rearranged




21 January 1995

The Dell - Rained off shortly after West Ham team arrived at ground

Rearranged 15 March 1995




22 February 1995

Upton Park - Waterlogged Pitch

Rearranged 3 May 1995




7 March 1995

Upton Park - Reason ????

8 April 1995

Floodlight failure ruins Mick Dunne's benefit game and a waterlogged pitch puts a damper on the fixture against Queens Park Rangers at Upton Park

94_12_14 WHU v. Hearts at Dagenham Dunne Benefit
95_02_22 WHU v. QPR Postponed


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (Reserves)   No Programme Issued

27 November 1995

St Albans City FC - Waterlogged pitch

Rearranged: 23 April 1996




5 December 1995

Upton Park - Portsmouth team snowbound on the motorway

Rearranged: 29 March 1996




26 December 1995

Upton Park - Frost, Skating Rink Pitch

Rearranged: 31 January 1996




31 December 1995

Upton Park - Frozen Pitch

Rearranged: 21 February 1996



GRIMSBY TOWN (First XI - Littlewoods FA Cup 4th Round)

27 January 1996

Upton Park - Unplayable pitch

Rearranged: 7 February 1996

95_12_05 WHU v. Portsmouth Reserves POST

Portsmouth players were snowbound

on the motorway



26 December 1996

Selhurst Park - Icy Conditions

Rearranged: 18 March 1997



WREXHAM (First XI - FA Cup 3rd Round replay)

15 January 1997

Upton Park - Fog

Rearranged: 25 January 1997




19 February 1997

Upton Park - Waterlogged Pitch

Rearranged: 6 May 1997

97_01_15 WHU v. Wrexham FAC3R

Fog decends on Upton Park for this FA Cup Third Round replay fixture



3 November 1997

Upton Park - Match Abandoned 2-2 Floodlight Failure

Rearranged: 3 December 1997



QUEENS PARK RANGERS (South East Counties League)

8 November 1997

Chadwell Heath - QPR injury crisis - unable to field a team

Rearranged: 25 April 1998



FULHAM (South East Counties League)

3 January 1998

Chadwell Heath - Waterlogged Pitch

Rearranged: 2 May 1998



TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (FA Premier Youth League)

17 January 1998

Chadwell Heath - Reason ????

Rearranged: 6 April 1998

97_11_03 WHU v. Crystal Palace Abandoned

Frank Lampard had just struck an equaliser for West Ham United against Crystal Palace when the floodlights at Upton Park failed, plunging the ground into darkness and forcing the abandonment of the game.

As football fans in east London cursed their luck, 6,500 miles away in Malaysia members of an Asian betting syndicate celebrated a six-figure payout.

The syndicate had "arranged" for the lights to go out, they repeated their scam during a Wimbledon v. Arsenal game. But, when they tried for a third time, at a Charlton v. Liverpool match, their plan was foiled. The security guard who had been bribed to trip the electrics using a remote control told a colleague of the plan and he alerted the police. Four men – two Malaysians, a Chinese man and the Charlton security supervisor were subsequently jailed for between 18 months and four years.


ARSENAL (FA Premier Youth Under-17)

28 October 2000

Chadwell Heath - Waterlogged Pitch

Rearranged: 9 December 2000



ARSENAL (FA Premier Youth Under-17)

9 December 2000 (This rearranged game was also Postponed)

Chadwell Heath - Waterlogged Pitch

Rearranged: 31 March 2001




30 December 2000

Upton Park - Frozen Pitch (Match called off at 1pm)

Rearranged 7 March 2001



BRISTOL CITY (FA Premier Youth Academy Under-19)

20 January 2001

Chadwell Heath - Bad Weather

Rearranged: 2 April 2001 at Rush Green



SOUTHAMPTON (Reserves)  No Programme Issued

28 March 2001

The Dell - Waterlogged Pitch

Rearranged: 16 May 2001

00_10_28 WHU v. Arsenal U17 Post
00_12_09 WHU v. Arsenal U17 Post

Both the original date and the re-arranged Under-17 fixtures against Arsenal were called off due to a waterlogged pitch 


ASTON VILLA (FA Premier Youth Academy Under-17)

2 February 2002

Rush Green - Reason ????

Rearranged: 5 March 2002


COVENTRY CITY (FA Premier Youth Academy Under-19)

2 October 2002

Little Heath - Reason ????

Rearranged: 2 November 2002 (Programme re-issued)




1 January 2003

The Valley - Heavy Rain

Rearranged: 22 January 2003

02_10_02 WHU v. Coventry City U19

Coventry City

FA Premier Youth Academy Under-19

03_01_01 Charlton Athletic v. WHU Postponed

Charlton Athletic

Premier League


CHELSEA (FA Premier Youth Academy Under-18)

5 March 2005

Upton Park - Reason ????

Rearranged: 19 March 2005


WATFORD (FA Premier Youth Academy Under-18)

21 November 2005

Boreham Wood FC - Reason ????

Rearranged: 8 April 2006 (Game switched to London Colney)



CHELSEA (Reserves)

1 March 2006

Home game played at Glyn Hopkins Stadium : Frost

Rearranged: 2 May 2006

05_11_21 Watford v. WHU U18 Post
06_03_01 WHU v. Chelsea Reserves POST


WERDER BREMEN : Germany (First XI Pre-season Friendly) No Official Programmes - only Pirate copies

18 July 2009

Thermenstadion, Bad Walterdorf - Torrential Rain

Not rearranged




10 January 2010

Upton Park - Icy Pavements around Upton Park, Local Authority Advice

Rearranged: 23 March 2010


ALDERSHOT TOWN (First XI - League Cup)

9 August 2011

Upton Park - London Riots, postponed on Police Advice

Rearranged: 24 August 2011




11 February 2012

London Road - Snow

Rearranged: 27 March 2012

11_08_09 WHU v. Aldershot Postponed

West Ham United were asked by the police to postpone the Carling Cup first-round tie with Aldershot Town

The club were contacted the evening before the game was due to take place and told that all major public events in London were to be rearranged because of the need to focus police resources elsewhere. Whilst neither the club or police anticipate any issues around the game taking place, the club had to comply with the police request.

The Club confirmed that Matchday programmes would not be sold to the general public and that all copies were being destroyed.

As we now know a handful escaped the destruction order which immediately catapults this programme into the most wanted West Ham United Home programme of the last Decade.


BRAINTREE TOWN (Development Squad Under-21)

10 September 2012

Amlin Stadium - Abandoned Floodlight Failure

Not Rearranged


ARSENAL (PL2 - Division One)

4 February 2019

Meadow Park, Boreham Wood FC - Abandoned Half-time Fog

Rearranged: 29 March 2019



9 February 2020

Etihad Stadium - Adverse weather conditions

Rearranged: 19 February 2020


Match programme re-issued

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