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1914-15 Friendlies


After the pre-season practice matches West Ham United stated that the £143 receipts had been released for allocation to various charities, and that £60 of the total would go to the Prince of Wales Relief Fund (the War Fund). The players themselves had decided to send donations every week to the War Fund, and in their spare time they would be putting in a few hours rifle practice in the Boleyn Social Club grounds next door to the ground.

THE NEWSMAN - 29 August 1914

1914-15 Gate money


ARSENAL : LFA Charity Match (First team)

Upton Park 0 - 1 2 November 1914

After moving to their new Highbury Stadium, Arsenal had dropped "Woolwich" from their title

1913-14 Friendlies Season 1914-15 1915-16 Friendlies

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